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Show #208 — October 28, 2015

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Pete is nowhere to be found as he prepares for another week of high scholastic achievement at Sonoma State University. Don’t you worry, Tim Livingston is back in the commander chair with special guests Robin and Joe–ready to break down “The Dynasty” in all of its crazy glory! What was that? You like wrestling promos? Well…Tim has a special gift for you this week…enjoy the new intro!

Show #207 – October 21, 2015

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Do things get weird on Los Livingston Brothers? Yes, at times they do. Did things get weird this episode? That, we leave, up to you. We break down week 6 in The Dynasty, briefly talk week 7, then finish with a little MLB playoff action! Because…Cubs.

Podcast Show #206 – October 15, 2015

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ALL HAIL JOEY BATS! KING CZAR LORD RULER OF ALL THAT IS TORONTO! Tim and Pete break down (objectively stated by Pete) the greatest home run to ever be hit in the game of baseball. The brothers break down the craziness of The Dynasty’s 3rd fantasy football season, trade pick value, and how no team should be feared. Did we mention Canada? Because Joey Bats. Because home runs. Because pimping home runs is AMAZING.

Show #205 – October 7, 2015

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The brothers Livingston are joined by special guests Joe and Robin as we “break down” week 4 and look to week 5 for “The Dynasty”. We also talk daily fantasy sports controversy, the 49ers, and bets! Yay! Enjoy! Tell your friends!

Show #204 – September 30th, 2015

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The boys are back! Episode 204 in the books. Joined in studio by special guests Robin and Joe, we break down the past week of fantasy football! We also look to the future…that is week 4. And our likes and dislikes of the 2015 fantasy season, thus far.

Show #203 – September 24, 2015

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Time wins multiple baseball arguments with Pete. Pat Burrell is brought up. Girls getting Burrell’d. And amazing walk up music. Hilarity ensues.

Show #202 – September 24, 2015

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The show where we break down Pete’s trade for Andrew Luck, this week’s games, and also our favorite pick ups for the week! We also touch on Tim getting a PS4 with awesome games! Jealous? Maybe…

Show #201 – September 16th, 2015

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Week 1 is in the books! We recap what was one of the most bizarre first weeks of fantasy football in recent memory. We also recap Tim being undefeated…WHAT?! Special guests Robin and Joe join us to break down all things fantasy football in…THE DYNASTY. Joe Drinks a horribly wonderful drink to start things off. Tim feels himself (figuratively and literally). Pete and Robin want Tim Livingston hype videos.

Show #200 – September 9, 2015

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We did it. 200 episodes. We hand out awards for our Fantasy Dynasty league with the help of Robin Brown-Ward and Joe Hardeman. Thank you all for listening all of these years! Tell your friends, share, spread the love. We love and appreciate all of you!

Show # 199 – September 1, 2015

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Two brothers talking. They cover many things this show. Entertaining all.

That was a haiku for our fans. This is our mail it in show that we recorded late in the PM. We cover GPA (I STILL DON’T GET IT), new Magic: The Gathering Spoilers, and Fantasy football! Plus we play one of our favorite games–OVER UNDER. Show 200 here we come!