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Show #176 – December 13, 2014

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Pete and Tim talk about the Heisman Trophy, Lane Kiffin, the 49ers and the wacky last few weeks in the pro wrestling world, including the surprising career path of CM Punk and how Triple H became hated and then loved within a matter of weeks. Complete with mid-show garage door opening!!!!

Los Livingston Brothers Interview Taylor Segrest

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On this past Sunday’s Los Livingston Brothers radio show on Sonoma Sun FM, we interviewed Taylor Segrest, the co-producer and writer of “Darwin”, which was named Festival Favorite at this year’s Sonoma International Film Festival. The award is the highest honor given by audience members in the festival. Segrest’s memorable interview included the best rendition of “The Legend of Round Valley” that we’ve heard yet, his talk about the interviews he did in the process of making “Darwin” and a call from my friend Scotty Badfish of the Tampa Tribune, who called in on his editorial shift out in Florida to talk about the show, and even got into the lack of arthouse theaters in the Tampa area. All in all, it’s the best 35 mintues we’ve done on the radio so far, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have. It is presented below in 4 parts.

Taylor Segrest Interview Part 1
Taylor Segrest Interview Part 2
Taylor Segrest Interview Part 3
Taylor Segrest Interview Part 4

Archives updated!

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We have updated our archives and are now tied to www.archive.org, where we will have the ability to keep a better eye on our broadcasts. For a link, click here. The archives are also linked to our “Radio Shows” page at the top of the home page. We appreciate everyone listening in and join the Los Livingston Brothers fan page on Facebook!

3/6 show featuring Adam “Keits” Heart from Shoryuken.com is now up!

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Go to the Radio Show section of our site to catch our newest show with Keits from www.shoryuken.com! We talk tournaments, beautiful Wisconsin weather, and more!

Keits wearing his oh-so-popular custom tie

Keits wearing his oh-so-popular custom tie

Also, we discuss the NBA, Sam’s Words of Wisdom, and romance novels in the studio bathroom.

2/28 Show to feature special guest Abraham “Neo” Sotelo

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Abraham "Neo" Sotello w/ Sent. Storm & Capt. Comm.

Undefeated in high stakes money matches, Abraham “Neo” Sotelo, is our special guest this Sunday! He brings his 8-0 record to the studio as he takes on the three brothers Livingston for the grilling of a lifetime! Join us as we dabble in the likes of Money Matches, MvC3, Halloween in Santa Barbara, and much, much, more! Neo will also be taking calls and questions LIVE!

We also will be covering the Oscars, INSANE trades in the NBA (I’m talking to you Danny Ainge…), and the upcoming NFL draft.

Hope to see you there!

Radio show 2/13 is now up!

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Feel free to go to the radio show tablet and listen to our new Valentines Day Eve and Marvel vs Capcom 3 Eve-eve show! Thank you all for the growing support. Feel free to find us on Facebook! Los Livingston Brothers wouldn’t be growing without you all!

Keep it gangsta, ya’ll.

Show number 5 (2/6/11) to have Victor “Dogface” Ratliff!

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Join us on Sunday at 11pm PST for the next exciting episode of Los Livingston Brothers! Our next guest is going to be victor Ratliff of Dogface Show fame.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Victor, his show, and his gloriously untamed (or is it tamed?) head of hair, head on over to his youtube channel to catch some of his interviews! Great stuff.

We will be discussing money matches, MVC3, The Dogface Show, and more!

Los Livingston Brothers has gone legit!

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For those of you who don’t know already, Los Livingston Brothers has gone legit! We now have a local radio show over at http://sonomasunfm.com/?cat=193 . Be sure to check out our Radio Show section in case you missed any of, or all of, the show!

thank you guys for your support! Without you this wouldn’t be happening!