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Paris, France–Day Un (That’s “one” in French)

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As you can tell from the title of my post, I am already breaking down any social, economic, or political barriers between the United States and France. Knowledge has been exchanged at an alarming rate, between myself and the everyday Frenchman/women. Be weary, World. Pete Livingston might just bring you all together.

France is a wonderful city. Every stereotype you’ve read, heard, or seen in movies and television is true. There is B.O., a lot of cigarette smoking (more than America), and an abundance of crazy drivers and park jobs. Cafes are, almost literrally, every other building. Tiny tabletops and chairs are packed along sidewalks while people lounge about, drinking coffee and espresso while eating their lunch. Chocolate shops are frequent, as are boulangeries (bread/pastry shops). According to our cab driver, and from what we’ve read, there isn’t a huge difference in the Cafes of France. You just sort of pick one and do your thing.

I didn’t really know what to expect in France, but so far it seems very San Franciscan. It is a lot of new mixed with old. If you’ve ever been down by the water, in San Francisco, then you know what I’m talking about. Renovated flats, old buildings transformed into restaurants, that kinda deal. There are a lot of one way streets and parking is at a premium. It is probably just as chaotic to navigate the streets of France as it is San Francisco, but there are similarities to simply things. There are main streets that run the length of France, think Market and Geary, and if you can get to those streets then you’ll be ok in finding your location and destination. The Seine River also acts as a central “street”, as it seems to split the city in half, and can be used as an obvious landmark. Like any other big city, there is a shit-ton of random construction going on everywhere and bits of graffiti, flyers, and the occasional beggar/gypsy.

I strangely feel at home, here. I don’t necessarily mean that I would want to live here, but I feel comfortable in Paris. Its not a scary place, it doesn’t feel dangerous, etc. Paris is not entirely off the charts different than any other big city I’ve been to. I don’t mean that in a bad way, or mean to disenchant “The City of Love”, I just mean to say that France is very nice and isn’t in your face, or over the top (so far). I have not felt culture shock, necessarily, outside of getting used to the Euro. As long as you make feeble attempts to speak French, people think you’re pretty cool. They, in turn, will try to speak english with you. Feel free to laugh at them. Or don’t, because that is kinda rude.

I have already scaled the Eiffel tower. It was a very cool experience. Seeing the Eiffel tower, for me, was not the shining moment of my life. I was never one of those people who had “see the Eiffel Tower” on my bucket list but I had to see it. It is a wonderful structure. No, my heart did not melt upon my eyes first gaze, and I didn’t go weak in the knees, but I did think, “Damn. That is one hell of an impressive tower.” I recommend climbing the stairs for the first two tiers rather than take an elevator to the very top for a couple of reasons:

1.  You have a chance to read a lot of great information about Mr. Eiffel

2. you get a chance to see the foundation of the Eiffel Tower as you climb 600+ stairs over the course of two tiers.

3. Nice litte workout.

4. The line to climb stairs is a lot shorter than waiting for an elevator.

The views are nothing short of spectacular. The crowded tiers are definitely short of spectacular. Its all fun in the end, I guess. You just go with the flow and enjoy where you can.  If you’re in Paris, by all means, go to the Eiffel Tower. Its cheap, its worldly, and you get to be around a lot of B.O. So don’t pass that up.

Between the first and second tier, we came across an information board that (for whatever reason) was covered in graffiti! People signed, drew pictures, whatever. So I took the liberty to give our blog a little love:











We stayed late and walked back to our hotel, but before stopping for dinner. Dinner was pretty good. Dinner is expensive in Paris, I’ll say this much. I had chicken over rice with some mushroom sauce. The rice was plain, but the mushroom sauce was great. Chicken, pretty good. You have to combine everything to get the best flavor; that is what I discovered. Chelsea got a nice whole fish. We got a little table wine, which was tasty, paid our bill and bounced.

We went to sleep, for we were tired, and jet lagged, and American, and jet lagged, and tired.

Archives updated!

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We have updated our archives and are now tied to www.archive.org, where we will have the ability to keep a better eye on our broadcasts. For a link, click here. The archives are also linked to our “Radio Shows” page at the top of the home page. We appreciate everyone listening in and join the Los Livingston Brothers fan page on Facebook!

3/6 show featuring Adam “Keits” Heart from Shoryuken.com is now up!

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Go to the Radio Show section of our site to catch our newest show with Keits from www.shoryuken.com! We talk tournaments, beautiful Wisconsin weather, and more!

Keits wearing his oh-so-popular custom tie

Keits wearing his oh-so-popular custom tie

Also, we discuss the NBA, Sam’s Words of Wisdom, and romance novels in the studio bathroom.

Radio show 2/13 is now up!

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Feel free to go to the radio show tablet and listen to our new Valentines Day Eve and Marvel vs Capcom 3 Eve-eve show! Thank you all for the growing support. Feel free to find us on Facebook! Los Livingston Brothers wouldn’t be growing without you all!

Keep it gangsta, ya’ll.

Show number 5 (2/6/11) to have Victor “Dogface” Ratliff!

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Join us on Sunday at 11pm PST for the next exciting episode of Los Livingston Brothers! Our next guest is going to be victor Ratliff of Dogface Show fame.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Victor, his show, and his gloriously untamed (or is it tamed?) head of hair, head on over to his youtube channel to catch some of his interviews! Great stuff.

We will be discussing money matches, MVC3, The Dogface Show, and more!

El Cool List

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Alright, folks. Here it is, the beginning of something that we (well, mainly I) think will be something fun to mess with for a while. It’s called “El Cool List.” The basis of this is a joke between myself and Blake Hritz, where after he mentioned going to a jazz festival in Boulder, CO, I told him that he was as cool as Miles Davis, harkening back to that elderly woman’s line in “Billy Madison” where she said: “If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.”

From there, we actually started listing people who we thought were cool (including the benchmark of cool, in our opinion, who takes up the top TWO spots on this list) and we came up with dozens of names that could be considered for it. It’s not so much the definitive statement of “cool” so much as it’s a fun exercise that gets people talking about what they enjoy and what they don’t. For example: Shaft is on it, but Isaac Hayes isn’t because of his whole scientology background, even though Isaac Hayes created the awesome theme for him.

The great thing about this list, and why I think it will be a cool feature for a long time to come, is that nothing, I repeat, nothing is set in stone on this list. It is completely liquid in nature, meaning that if someone thinks that something either shouldn’t be on it, should be on it, or should be higher or lower than something else on the list, that you, the faithful reader, can make the suggestion to do so. However, a good reason must be given for the placement of whoever you want added, removed or moved on the list. Either leave a comment on the list itself or make a posting on the Facebook Fan Page, and we here at Los Livingston Brothers will take a look at it and review its candidacy. So, to review:

-This list is not set in stone and the placement of people on the list can change if someone suggests it. In other words, if you guys want this list to be 50 things long or 500 things long, it’s totally cool either way.
-Suggestions can be made either on the Facebook Fan Page or on the comments for the list story itself for any change to the list.
-Reasoning must be stated for any change to be made to the list and must describe in detail why the change should be made.
-People are the basis for the list, but “cool” things can be included to and will be subjected to the same criteria.

This is something done in good nature, so anyone trying to do something “uncool” will not have their suggestion addressed. While we have the “last word” on what goes on the list, if you guys disagree, feel free to let us know and we’ll make it open to our readers. If there’s a borderline member that we just can’t agree on, we’ll have all of you help us in the decision. So, without further ado, here is the list as it stands right now on August 17, 2010:

1 and 2) Quincy Jones
3) Christopher Walken
4) Buddha
5) Dalai Lama
6) R. Kelly
7) (Black) Jesus
8) The Dude
9) (Black) Moses
10) Frank Sinatra
11) Scarlett Johannsen
12) Ray Charles
13A) Old Lady Peeing Her Pants in “Billy Madison”
13B) Miles Davis
14) Alec Baldwin
15) The Rat Pack
16) Dave Chappelle
17) N.W.A.
18) “30 Rock”
19) Riley Freeman, aka “Riley Escobar”, aka “Young Reezy”, aka “Horsechoker”
20) Tracey Morgan
21) Wayne Campbell
22) Steve Buscemi
23) Billy Dee Williams
24) Dr. Dre
25) Snoop Dogg
26) Walter Sobchak
27) Christina Applegate
28) The Notorious B.I.G.
29) Buster Posey
30) Penguins
31) Antarctica
32) Tina Fey
33) Natalie Portman
34) Robert DeNiro
35) Sean Connery
36) Stevie Wonder
37) Robert Goulet
38) Lisa Simpson
39) Tupac Shakur
40) Dr. Perry Cox
41) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
42) Andre 3000
43) Eminem
44) The Jesus
45) Garth Algar
46) Tony Bennett
47) Mike Epps
48) William Shatner
49) Tia Carrere as Cassandra in “Wayne’s World”
50) Adam Sandler
51) Elizabeth Banks
52A) Tim Livingston
52B) Blake Hritz
53) Frank Sinatra, Jr.
54) The Other Side Of the Pillow
55) Tom DuBois
56) David Hassellhoff
57) Vanilla Ice
58) Poison Oak On Your Junk
59) Meg Griffin

So there you have it. Let the debate begin, talk about what deserves to be on and what deserves to be off! Let us know either in the comments section below or by throwing up a post at the Los Livingston Brothers Facebook Fan Page!

Shaq’s a Celtic, How Bout Dem Giants!!?? and the Soon To Come Debut of Something…Cool

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Greetings from the Cave de Los Livingston Brothers. Pete has been doing boyfriend stuff with his girlfriend, meaning I have to pick up the slack. So here I am! And here’s the slack:

-I have discovered the greatness that is Mumford & Sons, an English Americana band (yep, that’s correct). They’re basically a folksy band that plays a lot of uptempo stuff, and feature some awesome bluegrass staples that make them a great band for a guy like me, who has fallen in love with bluegrass over the last couple of years. They came out with their first major release last year, “Sigh No More” was a big hit in Australia and I found them the old-fashioned way: a VH1 music video.

In the mornings on VH1 and MTV, they (shockingly) still show music videos. I was flipping through the channels one morning last week when their video popped up and I heard the bridge to their first single “Little Lion Man.” Usually, it’s the beginning of a song that gets you hooked, but the bridge, which was an awesome build to the final chorus, got me going to the computer immediately to download their album. “Little Lion Man” is the gem of the album, a mix of up-tempo bluegrass and folksy slow numbers, but overall, it’s a good enough album that makes me want to seek out more.  One of the few times recently where a song really hit me. Probably the first song since “Catalina” by Ghostface Killah, which was produced by Dr. Dre and got me absolutely juiced for the still-not-released “Detox.”

-It was announced on Tuesday that the Boston Celtics were close to signing Shaq, and it was official on Wednesday. Not the biggest fan of this signing. If Shaq is someone who comes off the bench, sure, why not. But at the same time, he can’t be depended on like he was even two years ago in Phoenix. He’s a body who can take over the game for minutes at a time, not quarters, and if Doc Rivers uses him correctly, he’ll have his time to shine. I hope Danny Ainge knows what he’s doing here. Maybe this brings Sheed back…who knows.

-Don’t look now, but the San Francisco Giants are the hottest team in baseball (best record since the All-Star Break) and are doing it with OFFENSE. They are led by Rookie of the Year candidate Buster Posey, who was promoted in June as a first baseman from Triple-A before being put behind the plate after Bengie Molina was traded to Texas. Don’t believe anything that was said in the media about why Posey was held back because of him needing to learn the position more or what not: It was because the Giants wanted to save money by holding back his arbitration clock, starting his time to receive an increase in salary in 2013 instead of 2012. By doing this, the Giants probably saved themselves about $8-10M by the time he became a free agent in 2017.

Doing some quick sabermetrics, a win above replacement level (your bench player who could be replaced by anyone at Triple-A) has been valued at about $5M. Since coming up, Buster has been worth 2.3 WAR according to FanGraphs and 3.7 WARP according to Baseball Prospectus. Since the two metrics are based upon different defensive principles, let’s split the difference and say that he’s been a 3 win player. That means his value to the team is worth $15M, which is roughly 30 times more than what he gets paid at the yearly minimum salary (what he’s earning right now) and if you prorate it, it’s over 50 times more value for what he gets paid.

The Giants are in a dogfight with the Padres right now and wins are crucial. Bengie measured out to be worth about -0.3 WAR this season with San Francisco (meaning he could have been replaced by anybody behind home plate worth a damn and it would have been an improvement). Since he and Buster have played about the same with the Giants this season, if you had Buster from the start of the season instead of paying Bengie $4M to catch, he would have added approximately 3 wins to the Giants total BY HIMSELF, at the cost of 1/8th of what Bengie cost. And the Giants would be in first place in the NL West right now, as well.

Brian Sabean’s signing of Aubrey Huff aside, the Bengie Molina signing was a $4M waste in lieu of a player who could have given him that value  four times over if he played from the beginning, saving Sabean the money that would have been given to Posey in free agency in 2016 and then some. Sometimes, it’s not about saving the money when you need the talent to win a race (see Hayward, Jason), and even though the Giants are a Top 10 payroll in baseball, Sabean was cheap in the wrong area here, and he better make sure the team makes the playoffs, or he’ll have to answer the question of Molina over Posey all his way out the door in San Francisco.

-Finally, I want to announce the start of a liquid feature here at Los Livingston Brothers, something that will last for a long time to come and will be completely interactive: El Cool List. It was originally thought up by myself and Blake Hritz, where I made a joke about him being as cool as Miles Davis, a reference to “Billy Madison.” From there, it became a race to see who the coolest people in the world were, and whether or not they deserved to be mentioned in the same breath as Mr. Davis. The first edition of the list will be coming over the next day or two, and when it comes out, you will see exactly how it works and how it can be a part of it. So stay tuned for what should be a pretty fun time at Los Livingston Brothers, your source for everything having to do with…well, Los Livingston Brothers.

EVO, Podcasts, Thank Yous and…We have a banner?!

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The Evolution fighting game competition is only days away; yet I am saddened and excited at the same time.

Sad: Because I can’t afford to go to Vegas to compete/cover/win lots of money and get comped really sick suites full of free booze and women at EVO this year.

Excited: Because I can live vicariously through other players as I watch the live stream from my bedroom in my underwear sobbing tears of regret for not sucking up what little money I have left to drive to Las Vegas and starve to death while I play video games.

Needless to say I wish I was going with all my heart. This will be the first missed EVO event for myself in two years and I have been thinking up every possible excuse to go this year. Last night I actually had a dream that I made the trip down to EVO this year and met up with my buddies Oscar, Giby, and Jaime. In my dream it was held in a massive convention center type place with multiple halls complete with big screens and seating. As soon as I entered the door the director of a Marvel vs Capcom 2 low-tier tournament approached me and told me I was going to play. I was excited. If there is one type of MvC2 I can play its low-tier MvC2. Then while waiting for my turn to play the shit kinda hit the fan–an old Junior College football buddy of mine showed up in a mask and tried to steal some chocolate that my girlfriend had packed for me. I ran him down and had to pummel him before he confessed that he had indeed stolen my chocolate and had left home years ago and has since been wasting away in Nevada. Then I woke up. Basically, if you guys have never made the treck out to Vegas–or if you were going way back in the day–to one of the many So Cal or EVO East, West, North, South events, you’ve been missing out.

Evo is something that every fighting game fan must experience. In years past there has been a few things you must be warned about: the smell –Which has gotten a lot better. Thank you video game nerds for wearing deodorant and staying presentable, the hijacking of sticks (keep that stick on hand at all times!), and a lot of hype screaming.


We continue to add on to our blog. At this rate I think this blog may just become the greatest website that has been created within the past month and a half. If you have a problem with that please contact myself and I will send you my home address, phone number, etc.  and pray to see you on my doorstep for the ass-beating you are about to receive. If you really do show up then what most likely will happen is that I will be a little weirded out that you took my offer seriously, defuse the situation with food and shelter for the night, then hopefully have a drunken bonding moment that usually is reserved for not so great 90’s teen movies. I’m thinking.

Once we get this here pod-cast up and running we will see where it goes. Hopefully some people will listen every once in a while. I’m not keeping my hopes very high on that one.


Look at it! There it is in all its glory! For now anyway. We wanted something simple–yet sophisticated– for the time being. So this is what our friend Mitchell Scholly came up with. Thanks Mitch!

For all the people who have been coming to the site thus far I would just like to say thank you on behalf of my brother and I. I hope that we can continue to entertain and drop knowledge on all things. Keep spreading the word. Make sure to add us on facebook!

Pete’s Doppelganger Facebook

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Okay, so this will be short, sweet, and absolutely hilarious.

I’m on Facebook and get a message on Facebook Chat from Pete. We usually talk on there about the usual: The Celtics, how much we don’t like Kobe, something regarding video games, and usually, we exchange man hugs via emoticons that Facebook Chat hasn’t even come up with yet. Because we’re brothers and we’re cool like that. About 10 seconds later, I get a message from Pete saying that it’s Chelsea. It’s 2 a.m., by the way, so I’m already about half asleep and thinking that I’m entering the Twilight Zone. The type of message that says to me, “How long until Scott Bakula comes along asking me to do a quantum leap?”

This is where it gets crazy.

All of a sudden, messages start coming in absolutely rapid fashion. 2, 3 at a time. Pete’s saying that maybe they logged in at the same time. But then I remember that Pete was over at her house for the 4th of July, so Pete probably logged on and forgot to sign out. They both recognize this. And then, they decide to have a conversation with each other, something where they totally understand what’s going because they are typing it, and something where I’m watching this, laughing, and trying to figure out who said what.

You know how twins stand next to each other and mess with strangers’ heads so they can get a jolly out of their ill-conceived attempts to tell them apart? That was me 20 minutes ago trying to figure out if it was my brother or my brother’s girlfriend talking to me on accident. Luckily, Chels started using penguin emoticons and hearts, something that Pete would never throw my way. I mean, I love penguins. And I love hearts. Especially the conversation hearts you get on Valentine’s Day. But at this point, with me tired from the two of them talking to me as if they were one person, I didn’t know what to believe. Except that was tired. And I was still waiting to take the leap with Scott Bakula.

So there you have it, kiddies. Don’t forget to sign out of your Facebook accounts if you’re on a different computer from your own. Or else you might end up having a conversation with yourself and you might open up a hole in the space-time continuum. And have endless emoticon-laced conversations.

Penguins and hearts. Penguins and hearts.

Movement on the horizon?

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Los Livingston Brothers are contemplating a move over to WordPress because of a little bit stronger capabilities. We have to check with our agents to see if such a move is beneficial to the growth of our project. Inside sources believe that such a move will push this blog into the stratosphere of awesome blogs who are co-created by brothers.

Or so we can only hope.

I think I’ll be getting on my Favorite 10 movies of the 2000s soon. I did 25-11 earlier (check out past posts to see them) and since it’s been a bit since the last update on my end, I’ll be hoping to get going on it soon. It will be epic. And no, no pornos are on there.

That I know of.