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Shaq’s a Celtic, How Bout Dem Giants!!?? and the Soon To Come Debut of Something…Cool

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Greetings from the Cave de Los Livingston Brothers. Pete has been doing boyfriend stuff with his girlfriend, meaning I have to pick up the slack. So here I am! And here’s the slack:

-I have discovered the greatness that is Mumford & Sons, an English Americana band (yep, that’s correct). They’re basically a folksy band that plays a lot of uptempo stuff, and feature some awesome bluegrass staples that make them a great band for a guy like me, who has fallen in love with bluegrass over the last couple of years. They came out with their first major release last year, “Sigh No More” was a big hit in Australia and I found them the old-fashioned way: a VH1 music video.

In the mornings on VH1 and MTV, they (shockingly) still show music videos. I was flipping through the channels one morning last week when their video popped up and I heard the bridge to their first single “Little Lion Man.” Usually, it’s the beginning of a song that gets you hooked, but the bridge, which was an awesome build to the final chorus, got me going to the computer immediately to download their album. “Little Lion Man” is the gem of the album, a mix of up-tempo bluegrass and folksy slow numbers, but overall, it’s a good enough album that makes me want to seek out more.  One of the few times recently where a song really hit me. Probably the first song since “Catalina” by Ghostface Killah, which was produced by Dr. Dre and got me absolutely juiced for the still-not-released “Detox.”

-It was announced on Tuesday that the Boston Celtics were close to signing Shaq, and it was official on Wednesday. Not the biggest fan of this signing. If Shaq is someone who comes off the bench, sure, why not. But at the same time, he can’t be depended on like he was even two years ago in Phoenix. He’s a body who can take over the game for minutes at a time, not quarters, and if Doc Rivers uses him correctly, he’ll have his time to shine. I hope Danny Ainge knows what he’s doing here. Maybe this brings Sheed back…who knows.

-Don’t look now, but the San Francisco Giants are the hottest team in baseball (best record since the All-Star Break) and are doing it with OFFENSE. They are led by Rookie of the Year candidate Buster Posey, who was promoted in June as a first baseman from Triple-A before being put behind the plate after Bengie Molina was traded to Texas. Don’t believe anything that was said in the media about why Posey was held back because of him needing to learn the position more or what not: It was because the Giants wanted to save money by holding back his arbitration clock, starting his time to receive an increase in salary in 2013 instead of 2012. By doing this, the Giants probably saved themselves about $8-10M by the time he became a free agent in 2017.

Doing some quick sabermetrics, a win above replacement level (your bench player who could be replaced by anyone at Triple-A) has been valued at about $5M. Since coming up, Buster has been worth 2.3 WAR according to FanGraphs and 3.7 WARP according to Baseball Prospectus. Since the two metrics are based upon different defensive principles, let’s split the difference and say that he’s been a 3 win player. That means his value to the team is worth $15M, which is roughly 30 times more than what he gets paid at the yearly minimum salary (what he’s earning right now) and if you prorate it, it’s over 50 times more value for what he gets paid.

The Giants are in a dogfight with the Padres right now and wins are crucial. Bengie measured out to be worth about -0.3 WAR this season with San Francisco (meaning he could have been replaced by anybody behind home plate worth a damn and it would have been an improvement). Since he and Buster have played about the same with the Giants this season, if you had Buster from the start of the season instead of paying Bengie $4M to catch, he would have added approximately 3 wins to the Giants total BY HIMSELF, at the cost of 1/8th of what Bengie cost. And the Giants would be in first place in the NL West right now, as well.

Brian Sabean’s signing of Aubrey Huff aside, the Bengie Molina signing was a $4M waste in lieu of a player who could have given him that value  four times over if he played from the beginning, saving Sabean the money that would have been given to Posey in free agency in 2016 and then some. Sometimes, it’s not about saving the money when you need the talent to win a race (see Hayward, Jason), and even though the Giants are a Top 10 payroll in baseball, Sabean was cheap in the wrong area here, and he better make sure the team makes the playoffs, or he’ll have to answer the question of Molina over Posey all his way out the door in San Francisco.

-Finally, I want to announce the start of a liquid feature here at Los Livingston Brothers, something that will last for a long time to come and will be completely interactive: El Cool List. It was originally thought up by myself and Blake Hritz, where I made a joke about him being as cool as Miles Davis, a reference to “Billy Madison.” From there, it became a race to see who the coolest people in the world were, and whether or not they deserved to be mentioned in the same breath as Mr. Davis. The first edition of the list will be coming over the next day or two, and when it comes out, you will see exactly how it works and how it can be a part of it. So stay tuned for what should be a pretty fun time at Los Livingston Brothers, your source for everything having to do with…well, Los Livingston Brothers.

Munchies 4:20 Cafe, Outlet Malls, Baseball, Slurpees, “Enter The Dragon” and FLEA MARKETS~!

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Very impressive 24 hour period, beginning with me getting out of work on Friday on a rainy day, the residual of Tropical Storm Bonnie:

-For those of you who have watched the best show on the Travel Channel, “Man Vs. Food”, you might remember when Adam went to Sarasota to check out a couple of their eclectic restaurants. But none was more eclectic than the most famous hole in the wall in town. “Munchies 4:20 Cafe” is a two-room restaurant that hosts some of the greatest junk food possibilities you could think of. While most will remember their “Fire in the Hole” challenge, where customers must eat 10 of their hottest wings doused in ghost chili extract sauce in 20 minutes, the big winner for myself, Andrew, Josh and Becca were the Fat Sandwiches.

The Fat Sandwiches are creations unlike any other: On a foot-long hoagie roll, these sandwiches are filled to the brim with some of the most tasty, yet unhealthy ingredients around. While Becca partook in their awesome BBQ cheeseburger, Josh went after the “Fat Josh”, I went after the “Fat Sandy” and Andrew went for the who shootin’ match with the Fat Daddy. The ingredients are as follows and can be found at their official website, www.munchies420cafe.com:

Fat Josh: two cheeseburgers, fries, bacon, cheddar cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Fat Sandy: two cheeseburgers, fries, chicken fingers, onion rings, mozzarella sticks and macaroni and cheese.

Fat Daddy: cheeseburger, philly cheesesteak, chicken fingers, fries, mozzarella sticks, lettuce, tomato, mayo & ketchup.

And now, a photo of me devouring the Fat Sandy:

It was the most delicious thing ever. I’m on a diet, have lost 35 pounds, and are on my way to getting myself into the best shape ever, but man, oh man. That sandwich was the epitome of “Junk food.” I also bought a shirt and a sticker that now sits on the back of the Focus, right across from my “Sonoma Old School” sticker. Also, its hours of service? 4:20 p.m. until 4:20 a.m. The main reason is because the owners figured that since people go out to all the bars that are in the area of their restaurant that they would have place open to get food when they get those “drunk munchies.” Or, you know…the regular munchies.

-We were supposed to go to the Dunedin/Bradenton game that night, but rain fell a bit too hard and the game got washed out. Luckily, I recognized that the Ellenton Outlet Mall was on the way back from Sarasota, meaning we had a place to go to walk off all the junk we ate. Outlet malls are awesome, by design. It’s where you get the name-brand stuff at below market value, and the best sales of all are outlet mall sales. I bought a swank Oakley Totem Pole zip-up hoodie for $20. I’m not crazy enough to model it in the Florida heat, though. The Nike store was awesome, as were some other really odd stores that had a bunch of knickknacks you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Interesting stuff to say the least. Night ended with un “Coke de Mexico”, so that alone is worth it.

-Went up to New Port Richey to play a little pick up baseball with Andrew, Tony, Josh, Brice and some others. They took those fake wood wiffle bats you can buy and filled them up with newspaper to give them a bit of weight, and then we used tennis balls while playing on a Little League field. My swing was a bit out of whack (mainly because I can’t figure out my stance, if I want to kill the ball, line drives…you know, everything that goes in a baseball swing) but I did okay. Only struck out twice and made a good play or two (along with a bad play or two). The main problem with it all: It was approximately 354 degrees outside. We somehow played 16 innings, but all in all, it was nice to get out and play a little baseball. I think I did strain my left bicep, however.

-7-Eleven Slurpees are great. I guess it needed to be noted. I got the new WWE Summerslam cup for them. I’m hoping they’re reusable. We shall see. It has The Undertaker on it, the only one of the four I would want if I had to choose. Also, 7-Eleven is still promoting the FarmVille/Mafia Wars line of Facebook-based games. Needless to say, I stayed away from those cups. Oh, and it was cherry/orange float for the Slurpee combo. It was outstanding.

-After the trip to 7-Eleven, Andrew and I headed over to the Oldsmar Flea Market. If you have never been, you need to go to one. The Oldsmar one is monstrous. It’s basically 10 rows of storage space that people have turned into stores, offering basically anything you can ever want. There are stores devoted to cookware, fishing, golfing, art, smoking, wine, food, movies, video games…you name it, it’s there. However, there’s also zero air conditioning, and even though the fans cooled down the 354 degree temperatures somewhat, it’s still an outdoor adventure best done for a cool day.

But we did go for a purpose: I needed to buy me a cowboy hat! With basically the entire Blue Jays crew heading for The Round-Up in Oldsmar later that Saturday night, I figured I’d grab me a cowboy hat considering I’ve wanted one for the better part of two years. While I dug the felt ones I saw, I stuck with the straw hat. Fits perfectly, simple style, cheap…had to do it. There will be pictures later, for sure.

-After getting back to the house, I floated through the channels looking for something to occupy my time before “Enter the Dragon” came on. Now, I hadn’t watched this in a while, years even. It was the perfect timing for this movie to come on: A movie I hadn’t seen in a while that also was something I had been wanting to see, and since the only thing I was doing was writing this blog post and resting up for tonight, it made the movie that much better to me. It’s the best martial arts movie I’ve ever seen, and Bruce Lee is as badass as they come in movies. He mows down everyone in his path regardless of marital arts style and does it with EASE. The only thing that got him was Han and that damn room of mirrors, which is still the coolest setting for a fight in cinematic history. Also, BOLO YUENG was in the movie, his first major starring role before he became a cult icon in “Bloodsport” over a decade later. Gotta love Bolo.

I hope you guys are enjoying what we’ve been doing with the site. The podcasts have been going really well, and Pete and I are now set up for the long run with all the great stuff we can bring to “Los Livingston Brothers.” Remember, tell your friends, give us feedback on how to make the site better, and we will do all we can to make sure it’s the best entertainment venue possible!

Bengie F’n Molina hits for the freaking cycle????

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This would be Bengie Molina HITTING A TRIPLE. A TRIPLE!

Okay, so I’m out in Lakeland tonight taking in a doubleheader between the Palm Beach Cardinals and the Lakeland Flying Tigers. I’m watching this game with a couple of my baseball buddies. We’re having a good time. Then, after the game, we decide to go to Chili’s. Mainly, because they have 2-for-1 drink specials, but also because, when it’s Friday night in Lakeland, the one place you think off when you want to go out and get crazy is Chili’s.

It was then that a co-worker of Mike’s brought up something on my phone. Something that, if I didn’t double-take to make sure I read what I think I saw, I wouldn’t have believed it.

“Bengie Molina hits for cycle in Rangers win”

For someone who watched “Big Money” Molina (one of the most non-sensical nicknames ever, mainly because Molina grounded out into a double play more times than necessary due to him being slower than me getting down the line) waddle his way onto the field as a Giant for the past few seasons, you see a headline like that a couple weeks after he gets traded to Texas and think, “This is ridiculous.”

And it is ridiculous. This is a man who plays a triple in the biggest triples alley in the Major Leagues into a single. Where any double on the field sees him barely round first. Where the fielder could overthrow first base, have the catcher race down to back him up, flip the ball to first, and get him by 10 steps. We’re talking all-world type slowness here. A baby could crawl to first faster.

And here he is, playing a ball off the center field wall at Fenway Park and turning it into a triple thanks to the bounce. Oh, and the homer he hit was a GRAND SLAM, TOO. Unbelievable.

Here’s a partial list of the things more likely to happen before Bengie Molina hits a triple, let alone a cycle:

-I marry Megan Fox.

-I beat Justin Wong in MvC3 at any point in the future.

-I weigh 167 pounds.

-Hell freezes over. Twice.

-An asteroid destroys the Earth, but then someone creates a time machine and comes back to Earth before the asteroid hits and saves the world.

-I headline WrestleMania.

-Pete hits a hole-in-one golfing (not mini-golfing).

-Sam beats EarthBound in 3 hours.

-Limp Bizkit goes into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame.

-Zac Efron wins an Oscar for anything, including Best Score.

-The United States stops producing all junk food.

-Canada annexes the United States.

-Cuba annexes Canada.

-John Daly stops drinking.

-Republicans and Democrats get along.

-Teenagers realize 99.9% of their problems are ridiculous.

-A woman becomes President of the United States (not a personal opinion so much as a reflection of our society; I’d vote a woman president if she were qualified enough).

-R. Kelly stops peeing on teenage girls (allegedly).

-Boyz II Men has another #1 single (which is a shame, because they really should release another song, at least).

-Steve Wonder regains his vision.

-FIFA and Major League Baseball ever get true instant replay.

-The San Jose Sharks win a Stanley Cup.

-The San Francisco Giants win a World Series.

-Barry Zito actually lives up to his contract.

-I start broadcasting for the Giants tomorrow.

That’s just a partial list, mind you.

Seriously, on the list of things, I’d put two perfect games and four no-hitters in a season ahead of Bengie F’n Molina hitting for the cycle. That’s how unlikely this was.

Feel free to add to the list.

USA vs Ghana

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<a href=”http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php/option=com_mobile/task=viewaltcast/altcast_code=bb1f0585a2″ mce_href=”http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php/option=com_mobile/task=viewaltcast/altcast_code=bb1f0585a2″ >USA vs Ghana-rea (Just kidding. They’re playing Ghana.)</a>


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Wasn’t able to join Pete in his live blogging this morning (although the crazy bastard does get credit for waking up at 6 a.m. for a 7 a.m. start…even if he is a bit nuts) but with a minute to spare and the chance to watch from time-to-time at work, I thought I’d chime in with my thoughts on a game that is quickly becoming the most talked about  in this tournament:

-Offensively, the US is Landon Donovan and a bunch of other forwards. It’s obvious that even with the addition of Jozy Altidore that Donovan is their only world-class striker, and his goal to start off the 2nd half against Slovenia was monstrous. He understands how to make scoring opportunities happen better than anyone on the field for the US, as his second assist on the Michael Bradley tying goal would attest to, as well.

-Defensively, the US are one of the weakest classes in the field, and have given up plenty of easy opportunities for goal scorers. The lapse that led to Slovenia’s second goal at the end of the 1st half was unacceptable, as they let the forwards get behind them with hardly a fight, leaving Howard to roost in the net. Howard has been yelling the entire tournament to get the defenders to step up and force the issue, but that hasn’t been happening and it’s just made things worse for Howard, who has had to play over his head to keep the US in some of these games.

-That brings us to today’s game, that saw the US offense strike with great tenacity in the second half due to some mistakes in the first half that allowed Slovenia the opportunity to take the early lead. It was, however, the play in the 85th minute, where Landon Donovan’s free kick sailed into the penalty box and was seemingly knocked in by Maurice Edu, that has become the talk of the tournament.

Foul? What foul? I don't see no foul...I see arrows, though.

Originally on the US broadcast, it was said that the referees declared the US offsides on the play, making the goal a moot point. The commentators for ESPN were besides themselves, as numerous replays showed that nobody was even close to being offsides on the US side and that Edu fought through for a fair shot at the goal.

It was then amended later on that there was a foul called on the play on the US that negated the play altogether and that it came BEFORE THE BALL WAS STRUCK. Now, as loud as it is with the vuvuzelas and the 100,000 person crowds and what not, the referee’s whistle made what should have been the go-ahead goal and the decisive goal in the match a moot point. The main issue is that from all angles that there was no foul at all on the US, and that if there was a foul called, it should have been called on the SLOVENIANS, as the circles and arrows in the above picture so clearly point out. Referee Koman Koulibaly was the man who made the foul call, not one of the side judges, but the problem is that Koulibaly was near Donovan during the free kick, and didn’t have the best angle at the raucous nature of the penalty box at the time.

Furthermore, it seemed as if it was a whistle that was clearly preemptive, almost as if Koulibaly was expecting a foul on the US due to the fervent play they had at the time and when it didn’t happen, he had to do something about it. The replay of Bradley yelling at Koulibaly after the fact slammed the point home enough (even with Bradley’s history of getting in the face of officials, as he missed the Gold Cup entirely due to too many yellow cards in the Confederations Cup last year) but it became abundantly clear that the US had a pivotal moment taken away from them in a game that could have been the difference between a must-win scenario for the US and needing to only tie Algeria to advance.

Now? They have to beat Algeria, which is almost a certainty, and they need help from England in this afternoon’s match against Algeria. A tie does no good for the US, but a win by either side means that should the US win against Algeria in their final match of the group, they will advance to the knockout round of 16. There are multiple tie-breaking scenarios in this as well, including a scenario with today’s England/Algeria game that could set up a 3-way tie AND have the two winners drawn randomly to advance, something that has not happened in the World Cup in quite some time, if ever. There is still the possibility that Slovenia and the US would draw lots if Slovenia ties and the US wins.

However, the lasting moment from this game will be that the US had a sure goal taken away from them due to a phantom foul call, something that has only increased the scrutiny placed upon officials in all sports this year in the US, including the questionable refereeing in the NBA Finals and the unfortunate circumstances in the near-perfect game of Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galaraaga, where Jim Joyce blew the call that would have sealed the deal for the Tigers right-hander.

Needless to say, all eyes will be on this afternoon’s England/Algeria game, and it will be up to the US to capitalize on whatever scenario presents itself in the game’s aftermath. US fans can only hope that when they see their team take the pitch next week that the “phantom foul” call does not become the infamous play that could align itself with plays like the “hand ball” called in their game against Germany in 2002 that cost the US the chance to advance in the knockout rounds.

But in the meantime, let the vuvuzelas sing out, for The Beautiful Game has taken center stage in the Earth’s Eye, and it’s a better world because of it.

USA vs Slovenia–This better be better than the NBA Finals or I’m having a shitty week

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NBA Finals Game 7 Live Diary–Get Hype!

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Welcome! This is for all the marbles!

Ode To Larry

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In honor of the 2010 Finals of the Association being another Celtics vs Lakers match-up I would like to share with you all a poem I wrote back in the 8th grade titled “Ode To Larry”.

A little side story about the piece: This was my first published/award winning piece and something I worked very hard on. I actually wrote it the night before it was due as part of a poetry book for my 8th grade English class. Ask Los Livingston Mother about the poetry book and she’ll roll her eyes. She had to stay up with me to make sure I actually did it. She was not happy. My teacher loved the piece so much she entered it in the Sonoma County writing contest without me knowing. When she got the results and saw that I had won, she couldn’t wait to tell me–only I didn’t go to school that day. She had to settle for telling the class about it–and as I found out through a friend of mine in the class my teacher thought that I must have copied it. I didn’t know if I should have felt insulted or encouraged by her words. Turns out she meant them positively and couldn’t have been prouder. I was a poet laureate by age 13.

So without further adieu I give you…”ODE TO LARRY”

Ode To Larry

By Peter Livingston

The outlook was looking bad for the Celtics on that day
The score stood 80-80 with one quarter left to play
And when Jabar made some hook shots, and Magic did the same,
A sickening silence fell over the Garden in that game.

A scornful few had left with ever so much disgust
Afraid this Celtics winning streak had finally ran out of luck.
They thought if only Larry could go and hit some threes.
Everything would be a-okay, thanks to 33

But Jabar was blocking Parish, and Kurt Rambis picked McHale
And those once mighty Celtics were lookin’ rather pale
Silently everyone at the Boston Garden sat,
There seemed no chance of ever getting their beloved title back

But Ainge knocked down a three, along with Larry B!\
and the Celtics defense was spreading like a swarm of honey bees
then those Lakers sent a blow that brought them to their knees.
Stinkin Magic Johnson hit a most unlikely three

But Parish shut down Jabar, to the wonderment of all!
And good ol’ Danny Ainge shot the sweetest three of all.
And when the dust had lifted, and the men saw what had occurred,
they were only down by two when they subbed in Larry Bird.

Then from the sold out Boston Garden there came a lusty yell!
It rumbled though the valley, it rattled in the dell;
It knocked upon the mountains and recoiled upon the flat,
The two teams were aware of where Larry Bird was at.

There was ease in Larry’s manner as he took his substitute’s place;
There was pride in Larry’s bearings and a smile on his face.
And when the Celtics inbounded the ball with a minute twenty-two;
There was no doubt in our minds who the ball was going to.

They couldn’t get the ball to him, they were really getting mad,
This poor old Celtics team was reslly looking bad.
They saw his face grow stern and cold, they saw his muscles strain,
And we all know that Larry wouldn’t let them lose again.

The sneer was gone from Larry’s lips, I remember it to date;
Larry sprinted like a mad man to his favored three point place.
He finally received the ball and then he lets it go…
Now the Garden’s silent from this shot of Larry’s like Robbin with his bow.

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light.
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
But there is no joy in L.A. – Larry’s shot beat the buzzer out!


Game 7 Implications

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I’ve been thinking about two things for a while now–right when I could officially pencil in the Celtics and Lakers into the Finals, actually: I’ve been thinking about what will happen to Kobe Bryant as an individual and this 2010 Boston Celtics team as a whole once this series is done. Ultimately this is probably one of the biggest NBA Finals in recent memory and Thursday night’s game is going to be one that will alter the history of the NBA in multiple ways (Not necessarily in an uber-dramatic fashion, but it can alter history in terms of future “greatest” or “best of” arguments). I know some of this might sound obvious and ridiculously simple, but I think it has to be brought up if it hasn’t already. I wanna go over what I feel will happen to both Kobe Bryant and the Boston Celtics after game 7 is finished on Thursday night: Both outcomes for each side; win and lose.

Kobe Bryant wins: If Kobe Bryant is to win on Thursday night he will be able to say a lot of things: He can win a game 7, he has 5 titles, he knows how to lead a team to the promised land, he’s a top 10 guy no doubt about it.

The “win a game 7” thing might hurt or it might help Kobe’s case. Some people look at game 7’s as a form of weakness like a player may have the inability to close the deal in five games or six games (Like Jordan). Others look at it as a measure of “clutchness”. You win a Game 7 you gotta be one cool dude. I think Kobe has proven that he’s a cool dude on multiple occasions, but winning a Finals Game 7 might catapult that status (well maybe not catapult) to another level. Or, as I said earlier, hinder him a little bit. Winning will always help more than hurt, though.

Winning that 5th title would be great. It wouldn’t just be great because he would have five titles but because he can say that he’s won two of those titles as the best player on his team. The Kobe on the 3-peat Lakers was the second best player on that team behind Shaq (I think we all can agree to that). This title would do wonders for Kobe as an all-timer. You’d have to put him floating around the top 8 to 6 players of all time. I’d still have to stick him behind Jordan (6 titles as top dog), Kareem (4 as top dog, shared one year with Magic), Magic (3 years top dog, shared one with Kareem), Russel (11 titles as top dog, played in a weaker era), Bird (3 titles as top dog). They were all best players on their teams when they won titles. You know he wants that be close to that.

Boston Loses: The Big-3 will never quite be the same again. I said earlier that if they don’t win, I don’t think this team will be effective anymore. The Big-3 will probably be shipped around and Boston will start a slow decline, but hopefully not, with little chance to rebound.

Kobe Loses: Kobe will still have four titles, but only one as the top dog on his team. He will be tagged as the guy who could never beat the Boston Celtics (along with Jerry West). He could be tagged as the guy who couldn’t win the biggest game when it counted most against his team’s greatest rival. The Lakers will fall to 9-2 all time against the Celtics and that won’t look good for Kobe.

Boston Celtics Win: They go down as one of the greatest post-season teams in the history of the NBA. I can’t say greatest team of all time because that would just be preposterous: ’86 Celtics and ’96 Bulls ring a bell? But look at their body of work and how they went about winning their games in the playoffs this year and you could probably argue to give the 2010 Boston Celtics the edge over the ’86 Celts as the greatest playoff team ever. They would have eliminated Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, and then Kobe Bryant all in the same playoffs.

Just think about that for a second. Dwayne Wade. LeBron James. Dwight Howard. Kobe Bryant.

That would be absolutely insane! This coming from a team that many wrote off as a possible first round oust by Miami and Dwayne Wade (not everybody, but there were a large amount of people who thought the Celts were dead men walking). Then positively written off against LeBron James. Then surely written off against Dwight Howard. Then no doubt about it (well maybe a little doubt sprinkled here and there–but I mean very little) written off against Kobe Bryant.

Oh, and the Big Three will be 2-0 against Kobe Bryant. And Doc Rivers will be 2-0 in the NBA Finals against a certain coach who detests Red Auerbach. Just sayin’.

So come Thursday night I think we’ll get a good picture of the future of the NBA and how these two teams will be remembered.

I guess I should say something funny at the end of all this. I got nothin.

The Association Game 6 Live Diary!

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