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Another one bites the dust

Movies - by - May 7, 2010 - 05:09 UTC - Be first to Comment!

I was shut down again. They were looking for something high-concept. For those of you who don’t know what a “high-concept” film is:

A high-concept film has fairly simple characters and a predictable plot that follows usual tendencies within it’s genre. Or, as Stephen V. Duncan put it in his Genre Screenwriting book , “Basically, in a high-concept premise, the situation in the premise is more important than the characters in the story.” A high concept film, typically, is a film that reaches multiple audiences instead of a target audience.

You could look at a film like Iron Man for an example of high-concept. It’s a simple story, simple characters, you don’t need to dive into character study to understand Tony Stark. Its your average super-hero story with that twist to make it unique and kids, young adults, adults, men, and women can all relate and like the movie.

Am I saying these movies are bad? No way! I think it depends who you talk to. You have film snobs, the average run of the mill movie watcher, and everything in between. Everybody has their own taste.

I also got shut down for a story board internship opportunity at Pixar. That sucked really bad. I wanted that one. But after a good talk with my dad I moved on. “Up” sucked anyway; except for Doug, he was the best. Ok, “Up” didn’t suck, it was a good movie, I’m just bitter.

So with my most recent denials my counter kinda looks like this (give or take):

SCAM: 1 (I wouldn’t mind getting a few more of these. At least they make you feel good.)

Throw Pixar into the list and I got a good resume of “no” thus far. If Pixar weren’t such good people I’d really tell them to go fuck themselves. But I’m not. Well, maybe not on this blog, anyway.

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