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Site News - by - August 17, 2010 - 19:18 UTC - Be first to Comment!

Alright, folks. Here it is, the beginning of something that we (well, mainly I) think will be something fun to mess with for a while. It’s called “El Cool List.” The basis of this is a joke between myself and Blake Hritz, where after he mentioned going to a jazz festival in Boulder, CO, I told him that he was as cool as Miles Davis, harkening back to that elderly woman’s line in “Billy Madison” where she said: “If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.”

From there, we actually started listing people who we thought were cool (including the benchmark of cool, in our opinion, who takes up the top TWO spots on this list) and we came up with dozens of names that could be considered for it. It’s not so much the definitive statement of “cool” so much as it’s a fun exercise that gets people talking about what they enjoy and what they don’t. For example: Shaft is on it, but Isaac Hayes isn’t because of his whole scientology background, even though Isaac Hayes created the awesome theme for him.

The great thing about this list, and why I think it will be a cool feature for a long time to come, is that nothing, I repeat, nothing is set in stone on this list. It is completely liquid in nature, meaning that if someone thinks that something either shouldn’t be on it, should be on it, or should be higher or lower than something else on the list, that you, the faithful reader, can make the suggestion to do so. However, a good reason must be given for the placement of whoever you want added, removed or moved on the list. Either leave a comment on the list itself or make a posting on the Facebook Fan Page, and we here at Los Livingston Brothers will take a look at it and review its candidacy. So, to review:

-This list is not set in stone and the placement of people on the list can change if someone suggests it. In other words, if you guys want this list to be 50 things long or 500 things long, it’s totally cool either way.
-Suggestions can be made either on the Facebook Fan Page or on the comments for the list story itself for any change to the list.
-Reasoning must be stated for any change to be made to the list and must describe in detail why the change should be made.
-People are the basis for the list, but “cool” things can be included to and will be subjected to the same criteria.

This is something done in good nature, so anyone trying to do something “uncool” will not have their suggestion addressed. While we have the “last word” on what goes on the list, if you guys disagree, feel free to let us know and we’ll make it open to our readers. If there’s a borderline member that we just can’t agree on, we’ll have all of you help us in the decision. So, without further ado, here is the list as it stands right now on August 17, 2010:

1 and 2) Quincy Jones
3) Christopher Walken
4) Buddha
5) Dalai Lama
6) R. Kelly
7) (Black) Jesus
8) The Dude
9) (Black) Moses
10) Frank Sinatra
11) Scarlett Johannsen
12) Ray Charles
13A) Old Lady Peeing Her Pants in “Billy Madison”
13B) Miles Davis
14) Alec Baldwin
15) The Rat Pack
16) Dave Chappelle
17) N.W.A.
18) “30 Rock”
19) Riley Freeman, aka “Riley Escobar”, aka “Young Reezy”, aka “Horsechoker”
20) Tracey Morgan
21) Wayne Campbell
22) Steve Buscemi
23) Billy Dee Williams
24) Dr. Dre
25) Snoop Dogg
26) Walter Sobchak
27) Christina Applegate
28) The Notorious B.I.G.
29) Buster Posey
30) Penguins
31) Antarctica
32) Tina Fey
33) Natalie Portman
34) Robert DeNiro
35) Sean Connery
36) Stevie Wonder
37) Robert Goulet
38) Lisa Simpson
39) Tupac Shakur
40) Dr. Perry Cox
41) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
42) Andre 3000
43) Eminem
44) The Jesus
45) Garth Algar
46) Tony Bennett
47) Mike Epps
48) William Shatner
49) Tia Carrere as Cassandra in “Wayne’s World”
50) Adam Sandler
51) Elizabeth Banks
52A) Tim Livingston
52B) Blake Hritz
53) Frank Sinatra, Jr.
54) The Other Side Of the Pillow
55) Tom DuBois
56) David Hassellhoff
57) Vanilla Ice
58) Poison Oak On Your Junk
59) Meg Griffin

So there you have it. Let the debate begin, talk about what deserves to be on and what deserves to be off! Let us know either in the comments section below or by throwing up a post at the Los Livingston Brothers Facebook Fan Page!

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