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EVO, Podcasts, Thank Yous and…We have a banner?!

Podcasts, Site News, Video Games - by - July 6, 2010 - 11:15 UTC - Be first to Comment!


The Evolution fighting game competition is only days away; yet I am saddened and excited at the same time.

Sad: Because I can’t afford to go to Vegas to compete/cover/win lots of money and get comped really sick suites full of free booze and women at EVO this year.

Excited: Because I can live vicariously through other players as I watch the live stream from my bedroom in my underwear sobbing tears of regret for not sucking up what little money I have left to drive to Las Vegas and starve to death while I play video games.

Needless to say I wish I was going with all my heart. This will be the first missed EVO event for myself in two years and I have been thinking up every possible excuse to go this year. Last night I actually had a dream that I made the trip down to EVO this year and met up with my buddies Oscar, Giby, and Jaime. In my dream it was held in a massive convention center type place with multiple halls complete with big screens and seating. As soon as I entered the door the director of a Marvel vs Capcom 2 low-tier tournament approached me and told me I was going to play. I was excited. If there is one type of MvC2 I can play its low-tier MvC2. Then while waiting for my turn to play the shit kinda hit the fan–an old Junior College football buddy of mine showed up in a mask and tried to steal some chocolate that my girlfriend had packed for me. I ran him down and had to pummel him before he confessed that he had indeed stolen my chocolate and had left home years ago and has since been wasting away in Nevada. Then I woke up. Basically, if you guys have never made the treck out to Vegas–or if you were going way back in the day–to one of the many So Cal or EVO East, West, North, South events, you’ve been missing out.

Evo is something that every fighting game fan must experience. In years past there has been a few things you must be warned about: the smell –Which has gotten a lot better. Thank you video game nerds for wearing deodorant and staying presentable, the hijacking of sticks (keep that stick on hand at all times!), and a lot of hype screaming.


We continue to add on to our blog. At this rate I think this blog may just become the greatest website that has been created within the past month and a half. If you have a problem with that please contact myself and I will send you my home address, phone number, etc.  and pray to see you on my doorstep for the ass-beating you are about to receive. If you really do show up then what most likely will happen is that I will be a little weirded out that you took my offer seriously, defuse the situation with food and shelter for the night, then hopefully have a drunken bonding moment that usually is reserved for not so great 90’s teen movies. I’m thinking.

Once we get this here pod-cast up and running we will see where it goes. Hopefully some people will listen every once in a while. I’m not keeping my hopes very high on that one.


Look at it! There it is in all its glory! For now anyway. We wanted something simple–yet sophisticated– for the time being. So this is what our friend Mitchell Scholly came up with. Thanks Mitch!

For all the people who have been coming to the site thus far I would just like to say thank you on behalf of my brother and I. I hope that we can continue to entertain and drop knowledge on all things. Keep spreading the word. Make sure to add us on facebook!

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