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Pete’s Doppelganger Facebook

Site News - by - July 5, 2010 - 22:21 UTC - Be first to Comment!

Okay, so this will be short, sweet, and absolutely hilarious.

I’m on Facebook and get a message on Facebook Chat from Pete. We usually talk on there about the usual: The Celtics, how much we don’t like Kobe, something regarding video games, and usually, we exchange man hugs via emoticons that Facebook Chat hasn’t even come up with yet. Because we’re brothers and we’re cool like that.¬†About 10 seconds later, I get a message from Pete saying that it’s Chelsea. It’s 2 a.m., by the way, so I’m already about half asleep and thinking that I’m entering the Twilight Zone. The type of message that says to me, “How long until Scott Bakula comes along asking me to do a quantum leap?”

This is where it gets crazy.

All of a sudden, messages start coming in absolutely rapid fashion. 2, 3 at a time. Pete’s saying that maybe they logged in at the same time. But then I remember that Pete was over at her house for the 4th of July, so Pete probably logged on and forgot to sign out. They both recognize this. And then, they decide to have a conversation with each other, something where they totally understand what’s going because they are typing it, and something where I’m watching this, laughing, and trying to figure out who said what.

You know how twins stand next to each other and mess with strangers’ heads so they can get a jolly out of their ill-conceived attempts to tell them apart? That was me 20 minutes ago trying to figure out if it was my brother or my brother’s girlfriend talking to me on accident. Luckily, Chels started using penguin emoticons and hearts, something that Pete would never throw my way. I mean, I love penguins. And I love hearts. Especially the conversation hearts you get on Valentine’s Day. But at this point, with me tired from the two of them talking to me as if they were one person, I didn’t know what to believe. Except that was tired. And I was still waiting to take the leap with Scott Bakula.

So there you have it, kiddies. Don’t forget to sign out of your Facebook accounts if you’re on a different computer from your own. Or else you might end up having a conversation with yourself and you might open up a hole in the space-time continuum. And have endless emoticon-laced conversations.

Penguins and hearts. Penguins and hearts.

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