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How to Lose a Basketball Game on Live TV (ESPN2)

Sports, Television - by - January 19, 2009 - 09:41 UTC - Be first to Comment!

You do everything we did against the UOP Bitchasses.

1. Don’t make any shots.
2. Leave every foreign, gelled hair styling, goatee wearing, white guy open behind the three point line. FYI they don’t tend to miss.
3. No dance team. What the fuck ladies?
4. Don’t play defense.
5. Don’t suit me up.
6. Scott Cutley doesn’t suit up.
7. You don’t rebound.
8. You stand around on offense.
9. Commit a lot of fouls.
10. Tim Tebow left you out of his prayers.

I think all of that and more happened. The result was horrible.

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