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New "Futuristic" NBA All-Star Jersery?

Sports - by - January 21, 2009 - 22:43 UTC - 1 Comment

Futuristic my ass! This looks like they took the font from the movie “Tron” to create the East and West jerseys.

The “futuristic” design that they have under the armpit looks like something I saw on my dads fucking Pontiac Trans Am. They are almost Denver Nugget esque circa 1992. Cool I guess, but I’ll take the old All-Star uni’s any day of the week.
Yes that’s Antoine Walker back in his hay-day. Mike Miller? I don’t know why he’s in there. I think they had a two white player minimum on each all-star team.


  1. Pete, that’s Brad Miller. I could see how you could get them mixed up, though. Look at how skinny ‘Toine was! *shimmys*