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The Secret to Success For CSUF Basketball on Live TV?

Sports, Television - by - January 17, 2009 - 07:15 UTC - Be first to Comment!

I have come to the conclusion that in order for our basketball team to be successful we need to do something more than score more points than the other team. It is more complex than that. We need to do a multitude of things to pull out the win. My list thus far:

Keys to victory against UOP on a televised game (ESPN2):
1. Bob Burton wears a sweater vest.
2. The dance team is looking hot and actually shows up to this home game.
3. Ced Ceballos blesses the team in the looker room before tip off. BLINDFOLDED.
4. I suit up.
5. Josh plays good in BOTH halves of the game. Not just the second.
6. Gerard Anderson gets an alley-oop dunk and puts his nuts in somebodies face.
7. We don’t leave any foreign white guys open behind the 3-point line.
8. Scott Cutley suits up.
9. We make more signs to make people laugh.
10. You watch the game and see Daren and I getting nuts on live television.

11. Papa Guise continues to swat the shit out of anything within at 20 foot radius.

I’m pretty sure that Bob Burton is undefeated when wearing a sweater vest. The game against UC Davis he was wearing an uncharacteristic shit brown getup that made my ears bleed.

We are 0-2 at home…who fucking does that? UC Davis has never won at home against us. Anyway, this can’t continue. It ends against UOP. Bob rock the sweater vest and I guarantee a ‘W’.

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