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Alex Valle wins SSF4 Midwest Championship…old man still has it!

Video Games - by - May 9, 2010 - 23:57 UTC - Be first to Comment!

Unless you’ve lived under a rock the past decade, or are VERY green to the fighting game community(that’s a term for “new”), you’ve heard of Alex Valle. If you’ve heard of Alex Valle you probably are one of two people:

1st kind: Alex is an old fart who is over the hill. He thinks he’s still relevant in the scene today and needs to go away and “be a family man”.

2nd kind: Alex is still a relevant force in the community today and can compete on a very high level. He can “rush that shit down”, and does, on a regular basis.

For the most part the first group of people te

Alex Valle

Arguably one of the greatest...all time.

nd to be the new blood. ’09ers in some cases. They are new to the scene and worship one of two people (if not both) Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara. Valle seems old, washed up, senile, and you don’t really care what he and his old timer buddies say or do, they aren’t relevant with today’s gamers.

For a while it looked like they were right. Valle probably should have been checked into a nursing home for the elderly Street Fighter players. Depends, bed pan, the works. I too was on the fence as to whether Alex was done or not.

But, after his recent showing at MWC, I think the tides may be turning. He seems to have re-dedicated himself this second time around with Super Street Fighter 4 in winning MWC against a very aggressive Floe (Juri player) and in the process “rushing that shit down”. Honestly, I think Super plays to Alex’s game better than Vanilla (Standard SF4). The game seems to be more offensively oriented and suitable for rush down players. They game feels fast and plays a lot faster than Vanilla.

What does this mean? Well, I think that this old dog might have a few more tricks up his sleeve. MWC was a VERY good measuring stick, but we’ll get an even better look at Valle come Devastation (I’m assuming he’s going).

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