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Devastation 2010: Martin “Marn” Phan makes quite the case for himself

Video Games - by - June 26, 2010 - 22:19 UTC - Be first to Comment!

Devastation 2010 may as well have been the Welcome Back Marn party.

Of all the big names in attendance at Devastation 2010 Marn was probably the one competitor whom people counted out of the grand finals for Super Street Fighter 4. If you look at his track record you can’t help but notice that he hasn’t fared well in competition since the game came out. He came up empty handed on multiple occasions at NorCal Regionals and Mid-west Championships against stiff competition (Getting bounced by Alex Valle on both occasions…but that’s another story) so the man who was said to be one of the best in the nation was suddenly seen as over-hyped. And that’s just being nice. Believe me, Marn is being called a lot worse than over-hyped by many people sine he made a name for himself the past few years.

Quick back story for those of you who don’t follow the fighting game community:

Up until recently it had been decided that the best player in the United States was Justin Wong. Multiple 1st place showings at major fighting game competitions and his epic near comeback against Daigo Umehara at EVO 2009 cemented him as one of the best in the world.

Next in line?

You could say Marn.

Marn was a player of great skill who placed very well in a lot of competitions. He received a shit-ton of flack for being a Justin Wong “jock rider” because they were so close. They lived together, they trained together, they played the same characters, and they both had bad hair. Throw in the fact that Marn was a brash, flamboyant, trash-talking son-of-a-gun and people couldn’t help but hate the guy. Do you think Marn cared? Well, do you think Peter North thinks twice about blowing his load on three chicks at the same time? That’s a negatory.

Don't let the smile fool you. Mr. North will pop you in the eye with a load from across the room--and he won't give a fuck.

Long story short; Justin moves to California while Marn remains in NY and Marn flourishes.

Suddenly Marn is the main man. He’s running around the nation at break neck speed absolutely shitting on the competition. He goes out to California and dominates some of the legends of the game (Including Valle in SoCal) and keeps that middle finger up for the haters to see.

Now fast forward about a year later to the release of Super Street Fighter 4. Suddenly Marn doesn’t look so hot. His lack of performance now matches his horrible hair: Bad.

People said that Marn may have just been a product of what was called a “broken” game (Street Fighter 4 is deemed unplayable by some: Balance issues, link issues, hit-boxes. Others like myself loved it). Street Fighter 4 was a game of turtling and being a pussy. Super Street Fighter 4 is a game of offense and rush-downs. Marn seemed to struggle.

That is until Devastation 2010.

Marn took home the championship in Super Street Fighter 4, TvC, and Guilty Gear Teams (By himself). Why is this such a big deal? Because of how he went about his business. Marn showed up determined to do well. He had done his homework. He put in the time. He studied. He was focused.

He still had bad hair.

Devastation is the precursor to EVO so its pretty much your final tune-up before the Super Bowl of fighting game competitions. Its becoming a hotbed for talent in the West Coast. SoCal and NorCal (Mix in some East Coasters) make the trip out to Az to test their skills against the best. It’s the perfect measuring stick. The jump in Marn’s game was noticeably better. He was able to make primo adjustments against the likes of ComboFiend, Juicebox, and Valle. That’s impressive.   Very impressive.

Its no secret in the fighting game community that Marn is hands down one of the most hated individuals around. He’s good and he knows it. He knows you know it. He also knows that he’s back and better than ever–ready to make that run at the grand daddy of them all: EVO.

Marn on the right. He really doesn't give a fuck.

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